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31. The Superpower of Bots: How FB Messenger Can Automate Your Ecommerce Business

Episode 31

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With the help of Facebook messenger and its ever-growing popularity, a chatbot will help consumers find solutions most effectively — no forms, cluttered inboxes, or wasted minutes spent searching and scrolling through content. Everything automated. Communication, service, and transactions intertwine. Bots provide an end-to-end seamless service.

The best chatbots harness the micro-decisions consumers experience daily as they shop in your store and see them as an opportunity to help. Whether it’s adjusting a reservation, updating the shipping info for an order, or putting down customer feedback, bots provide a solution when people need it most. Join me in this episode to explore the superpower of Facebook Messenger bot and learn how to grow your e-commerce marketing and grow your sales.

Hi. Welcome to Driven e-commerce at work, the podcast where we bring in conversations with ecommerce experts. Starting this week, we're introducing a new segment called 10 Minute Tuesdays. And I'm your host Chiatanya Mohan Product Marketer here at Cloras. Each week, I'll bring you interesting topics in e-commerce, marketing and operations for your distribution business, so that you can go and implement it in your day to day life. Tune in every Tuesday, and never miss an episode.

Hello, welcome to 10 Minute Tuesdays. I'm your host Chaitanya Mohan On today's episode, we're going to take a look at why you should leverage Facebook Messenger marketing and grow your e-commerce store.

Now, Facebook Messenger is the second most downloaded iOS and Android app of all time, and over 1.3 billion people use messenger every month to communicate with their friends and family across the world. So if you've been on the fence about using Facebook Messenger bot, whether or not to use for your e-commerce store, here are some facts that I hope will take you over number one, Facebook Messenger is growing at a rate of 600,000 users per day.

Now that Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram messenger integration or overlap is very likely to follow and exposure to those users will also increase. Facebook Messenger ads are incredibly cheap right now and costs around two cents per subscriber. And lastly, Facebook Messenger can drastically reduce your customer support costs. And I think these reasons are good enough. So if you're convinced, should we get right into it? online tools like many chat program your bot to answer questions automatically and save you time and money with customer support. A chatbot like this can also be programmed to gather leads and generate sales on autopilot.

In fact, Facebook Messenger is a lot like email, in which you can build up a subscriber list and send broadcasts to those designated lists. Now you may argue why not search to traditional email marketing altogether? Well, I don't completely discredit email and its importance but a key advantage Facebook Messenger has over email is the open and click through rates which are significantly higher. For example, whenever I receive an advertising or a promotional email, I rarely open it right away. And sometimes I forget about it altogether. But I always remember to check my Facebook messages. For me messenger is a much more personal form of communication. Now before you get all jittery and deploy your bot, there are rules to playing this game through that you must not break rules that are broken will definitely drive your customer into irritation and blocking you.

These are rules which are very simple, so you must follow them. Rule number one, send free promotional messages to a user within 24 hours of their last response only. Never and I mean never ever blast your entire subscriber list with a random coupon or sale whenever you feel like it. And number two, this rule is exceptionally important. So follow it very closely. never break rule number one. So now that you have your chatbot in place, and you're promising not to break any rules, let's look at some actionable insights that you can deploy right away to improve your e commerce sales.

Automation automate entire e-commerce flow. Close your sales by sending targeted messages to customers, as long as the messages you send fall within the 24 hour window, which means you're good. Recover abandoned carts, program your chat bots to identify abandoned carts and whenever a customer starts to check out but doesn't complete the process. chatbot will be programmed to send them an automated message A few hours later, to remind them to finish their order. And lastly, are the confirmation. Whenever a customer checks out, your chat bot should send them a confirmation message and try to entice them to come back with some offer or products. And if they respond, yes, they should line up without breaking rule number one. Reality is you can't reach all your customers unless you can communicate with them everywhere.

The best part is right now Facebook Messenger marketing is still in its infancy. There's a long way to go. And until this platform becomes saturated, you have a lot of scope to grow. In fact, only 1% of businesses in the world are using chatbots today and this is just to start. So if done right your business can have the first mover's advantage in customer acquisition, customer loyalty and brand visibility. Thank you for tuning in. This episode is brought to you by Cloras. Cloras is an integration platform built for B2B distributors, a leader in Epicor Profit 21 integration, go visit our that is Subscribe to the show on Apple podcasts or Spotify and leave us a review there. Until then, stay safe and I'll see you in another episode.

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Episode 31