12. Best Practices And Beginner’s Guide To SEO In B2B Distribution

Episode 12

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most overlooked department/team in the organization. Sometimes the question even goes like this – I already have a marketer, why would I have to hire an SEO person. So, we wanted to pitch in some insights from our learnings and why SEO plays a key role in the marketing department.


Show Notes

  • [2:11] Why do you need an SEO person in the team?
  • [5:30] How SEO has evolved since 2010?
  • [9:12] How to structure a homepage for SEO?
  • [11:09] What is a Product Detail Page (PDP) and what kind of content will bring in better conversion.
  • [14:18] Why do you need unique content for your landing pages and what are some of the tools?
  • [16:10] How proper images and videos can help you to rank better.
  • [19:35] What is on-page optimization?
  • [24:26] How a 1 or 2-second increase in website load time will hurt your conversion rate and why do you need to focus on the performance?
  • [26:50] What is Rich Snippets?
  • [32:00] Why you shouldn’t stop doing SEO activities, just because you’re ranked on Google’s first page.
  • [32:27] How to drive traffic and off-page optimization.
  • [35:45] Does the B2B website need reviews?
  • [38:29] Important SEO things to consider during migration or re-platforming.

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Episode 12