AuthorShiva Kumaar

Shiva is the Head of Strategy, leading the strategy and business efforts to drive growth for DCKAP Products. He is passionate about eCommerce, SaaS products and loves tech startups. Regardless of the role, his content is usually unbiased. An avid gadget lover and a mobile enthusiast.

Danielle Trombetta

31. Brand Marketing: How and Where to Begin

Building an eCommerce business from scratch is always a great experience to have in your lifetime. Starting from the manufacturing and distribution of the product to getting that to the actual customer, you will enjoy every phase of your customer...

Tony Guarnaccia

29. Turn Your Adversity into an Opportunity

Tony Guarnaccia grew up in a small business. With a passion for marketing, he found the company “Big Fish Results” in a mission to Democratize Marketing. His experience includes a $400 million ad spends on Google and working with companies like...