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18. What Is Enterprise Application Integration

Episode 18

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It’s an eCommerce era and as the brands evolve we start implementing new applications into the business processes. But, will that solve our problem? The practical answer is yes and no.

How do you handle the data when you want them to move between applications. Let’s say if you’re looking to schedule data from one application to another or from a legacy system to a new one, how do you handle that currently? Most eCommerce store owners say – Manually.

But to make the most out of it, you need an integration platform to handle all your applications in one place and to address the data distribution challenges. This reduces the need for manual intervention and increases efficiency. By introducing a comprehensive integration system that can act as a middleware between all these applications will help you to streamline the business process.

To talk more about this, we have Iyappan Perumal, Product Manager of Cloras on today’s episode. Go hit that play button.

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Show Notes

  • [2:29] What does integration mean to an eCommerce business?
  • [4:00] How complicated is this? Can we handle this like any other eCommerce project?
  • [5:48] When is that right time to plan for integration.
  • [7:06] What is the typical timeline looks like.
  • [8:32] Why would eCommerce businesses need to consider a middleware instead of building something on their own?
  • [11:36] Things to consider before choosing a vendor.
  • [14:48] What does the post-integration process look like.
  • [18:02] How flexible and scalable a middleware should be.
  • [21:40] What is Cloras?

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Episode 18