Ben Marks

24. The Future of Magento, Certifications, Commerce Cloud, and Core Contributions

Episode 24

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Magento Masters Virtual Series is a bi-weekly event from DCKAP. This past week we wrapped up the season 1 with an interesting guest in the Magento community.

I had a great conversation with Ben Marks, Magento Evangelist at Adobe and we discussed:

Show Notes

  • How are you managing without travel?
  • Is Magento in transition and evolving, what is the future looks like under Adobe.
  • What is the future of Magento opensource?
  • What are some of the biggest accomplishments of the community engineering team?
  • Does Adobe have any plan in getting Magento deep in the SMB market, especially when competing with platforms like Shopify?
  • Will Magento consider moving from PHP to Java or .NET in the future?
  • Magento certifications rebranded to Adobe certifications, what can expect?
  • Will the new certifications expire after 2 years?
  • What Magento is doing in the AI space?
  • Will Magento become more like a plug & play solution?
  • What is going to change and what are some of the nice things for partners.
  • A personal growth story of a company or an individual by contributing to the Magento community.
  • What is the biggest challenge we have ahead for Magento as technology and Adobe as a company?
  • Imagine and Adobe Summit 2021, any plans?

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Episode 24