14. How To Grow And Manage Your Email List

Episode 14

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Building an email list is one of the hardest things, more than of course converting a website visitors into a lead. I’m talking about building a true 100 or 1000 fans that can buy whatever you sell. Up until now, email marketing is one of the finest ways to get the highest returns.

So, a good email marketing strategy comes into place only when you have a good list. How many of them are reading your emails regularly – how many of them are clicking through the links you’re sending? All these matters only when you segment your list properly and target them with the right content.

Today, I brought in Kesaveram (Digital Marketer) to discuss what it is all about, how to prepare a clean list.

email list segmentation results

Show Notes

  • [3:18] What is email marketing?
  • [4:25] If you already have an email list, how to vet and bring them back to life?
  • [12:28] Why engaging your email subscribers is important?
  • [13:45] How to automate and increase your engagement?
  • [18:20] How to write emails that convert?
  • [21:40] Building an integrated marketing plan using social media and email.

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Episode 14