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16. Running An Ecommerce Business – Is It Complicated

Episode 16

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With the technologies keep growing everywhere and companies like Shopify and BigCommerce are making it easier for the startups to go online in a couple of hours, it’s becoming easier than ever before to launch an online business in 2020.

Due to the current situation, the unemployment rate has considerably increased over the past 50 years. So, this opens up some new opportunities and we’re seeing new business owners evolving through the past couple of months.

How hard it is to run an online business? I sat down with Jennifer Grace in this episode for a small 20 mins conversation. Check ‘em out.

You’ll Learn

  • What is the first thing to begin with, why brand positioning is important?
  • Choosing your eCommerce platform.
  • How to acquire visitors and new customers.
  • What are the things that the store owners are currently doing wrong?
  • Planning your content and blogging strategy.
  • How to use social media websites.
  • One simple tip to stay ahead of the competition.

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Episode 16