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13. Why Distributors Need Product Information Management (PIM) Solution

Episode 13

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Product Information Management (PIM) solution helps to create an enriching product experience by integrating it with your eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. Pretty much you can manage everything on PIM – Product data, technical data, product specs, SKU’s, categories, assets, reviews, resources related to products, marketing & sales materials, SEO data, and more.

Today, we’re bringing in Praveen Venugopal (Solution Consultant) to discuss what it is all about and how distributors can take advantage of it.

Why distributors need PIM

Show Notes

  • [2:01] A little background and intro about his career at Amazon.
  • [3:16] What is PIM?
  • [5:02] Why would an online business need to invest in PIM?
  • [11:27] The unique needs and features.
  • [15:04] What is PXM and DAM?
  • [19:05] What is flexiPIM?
  • [23:06] If I’m already using a middleware, do I really need to invest in PIM?

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Episode 13